Not so long ago, I woke up on a seemingly simple day and realized – talent sourcing industry is the place where I belong. Having a long freelance career and working for Nederlia for more than 5 years in the fields of sourcing/recruiting, I knew each and every strong and weak side of the industry. I knew what had to be done to make stronger sides even stronger and improve the weak ones. Sharing my thoughts with my brother Svetozar resulted in numerous long discussions about ups and downs, yeses and nos. Finally, when we felt it was the right time – Sourcing Wizards was born to offer you talent sourcing and other services.

Research says that more than 80% of passive candidates are open to new challenges and opportunities in their careers. When you post a job they won’t send their application, yet the best candidate may be one of them. That’s where sourcing helps. What we do helps your company avoid spending much time on CVs and applicants that are not properly qualified for the position you want to fill.

Sourcing comes before recruitment. The sourcer is the one that has to do the “hunting” part. This means tons of research: going through the web, analyzing potential candidates’ profiles, understanding their strong and weak sides, comparing with the needs that the company has and getting a least of candidates to hand it to the recruiter. The latter is responsible for the process that comes afterward.

Being well aware of each aspect of the industry, I understood how important it is to separate these two. They are two cooperating, but different industries regardless of the fact that, to many people, they may look pretty much like the same thing. But a true sourcing wizard should know better J.