It’s important to take a global look at the industry every year, and underline some of the top Recruiting Trends. Recruitment process is getting more demanding over the years. Yet it grew to became so creative! It’s hard to specify most essential trends, but to sum it up these are the Top Recruiting Trends for 2019.

Recruitment Marketing is on the rise.

Building and nurturing relationships are the key points of Recruitment Marketing. Pre-applicant stage is really a crucial point. In this stage someone is evaluating your company and decides whether to apply or not. LinkedIn research shows more than 70% passive candidates on the market. With only 12% marked as active. Recruitment Marketing allows you to personalize the content you are sending at this stage. So personalize your e-mails as much as possible!

With marketing programs set up, you will star building a pipeline of the best candidates. Expect processes to accelerate. Your team will never have to start searches from the scratch. There will always be a pool of engaged candidates to reach out for.

AI as one of the top Recruiting Trends!

AI in Recruiting is more present than ever. Therefore it is high on the list of Recruiting Trends. With industry booming, this will remain the most dominating trend in the next few years. By now there is an AI-powered solution, possibly for every part of Recruiting process.

With implementing AI powered solutions you’ll be able to reduce the favoritism. As well as improving the candidate experience. AI interview platforms such as Paññã, are already developed and being used. Paññã is the AI video interview platform, able to find the right talent in the shortest time. Platform empowers HR by providing the right tools to shortlist the best in the application pool. It provides artificially intelligent hiring and expert evaluation. Also, it records an interviewing, video conferencing, voice & face recognition etc. In the future, we can surely expect more AI tools coming.

Welcome a flexible workforce…

The number of employees, who wish to have flexible working hours is increasing. Many have part time jobs and others are open to remote positions. Researches show that 29% of all U.S. workers have an alternative job to their primary work. Most of the companies are outsourcing some part of their work to freelancers or contractors. Keep that in mind when opening a new position and be flexible.

Implementing Data Security!

Data security remains to be one of the top recruiting trends. Some companies are happy, some are not, but data security is an important issue for each and every provider of recruitment technology. Especially the once who uses people’s data. GDPR has regulations for all the segments. Most of the providers (possibly all of them) are using candidates’ analytics and data. Therefore, everyone needs to have a system in place to protect a person’s data. GDPR applies to all organizations working within the EU, as well as any company outside of the EU. It’s the same for companies, offering goods and services to businesses in the EU. Almost every world corporation needs a GDPR compliance strategy.

Improve Diversity Hiring.

The key of successful diversity hiring is to identify and remove any potential biases in sourcing and screening. Also short listing candidates that may be ignored or accidentally discriminated against qualified, diverse candidates. Diversity hiring is hiring, free from any prejudice or favoritism with regards to a candidate’s race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics unrelated to the job performance.

Global shortage of Digital Professionals!

Demand for digital skills is not slowing in 2019. Digital processes are constantly changing many industries. Which directly leads to growing demands for IT specialists. For example in US and Japan, roles related to data utilization, AI development and infrastructure are rapidly increasing. And that applies across all industries. In China, demands for high-tech talents and digital transformation projects are exceeding supply. Candidate shortage is also a big concern in UK and their growing industries. International corporations are facing hard competition for Software Developers and Engineers.

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