With the global economy booming small businesses are facing more troubles in recruiting and networking. It’s difficult to compete with corporations. Their competitive packages and a variety of benefits and other advantages being offered. If you are a small business owner, you’ve surely been looking to find new ways of attracting talented professionals. Here’s a piece of advice on how to improve and achieve better results in networking. How to create better working conditions, getting the most from the hiring process.

Provide hands-on experience after recruiting!

small business meeting

The greatest advantages that your employees have are less bureaucracy and far more freedom to express their ideas. Emphasis this when advertising your job!

Working in a small team means your employees will most likely have to handle different tasks, making their job more dynamic. Set side by side to those working in large systems, your teammates will be able to demonstrate their creativity. Allow them to express their own ideas. It leads one becoming more passionate about the job – for the better of your company. If you still have issues finding a perfect fit, use some of the best recruitment business tools.

LinkedIn is a powerful recruiting tool!

Offering over 525 million employment profiles globally, LinkedIn holds the crown as a networking and recruiting database. Before posting the job make sure to update your company info. Broad and use your network by entering groups, sharing the same interests with your business.

Join LinkedIn groups for better networking!

Participating in one of LinkedIn’s 2.1 million discussion groups builds your professional networking. It could also generate business for your company. Professionals are gathering there to share their common interests, also checking new carrier possibilities. Candidates can apply for the job directly through the site, this will also help you unclogging your own inbox. You will definitely better your recruiting results!

Create a cozy and friendly work environment!

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The number of people willing to compensate a certain percent of their wage to work in a more peaceful environment is significantly increasing. The majority would rather work in a smaller-joyful place, than in a fast-paced strict system.

Consider getting an office pet!

office puppy

It’s been scientifically proved that animals reduce stress, boosting positive vibes and feelings. Go get an office dog or a cat! It will change the entire climate in your office. Companies like Amazon, Procter & Gamble, Google, Facebook and many more are pet-friendly. It does affect their employees’ happiness. If it works for those giants, it will especially work in smaller offices!

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