Just recently LinkedIn made the announcement of launching its new platform. Their two most efficient talent products, Jobs and Recruiter are finally moving together in a single place. As per the LinkedIn officials, the new LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs platform will have more than 15 new features. Recruiter’s search is becoming way more effective. The integration of core talent products will provide more precise results, through more specified candidate recommendations. New Recruiter and Jobs platform should get smarter with every click and even start providing proactive recommendations that continuously improve.

What else are Recruiters getting from the new platform?

Managing search leads and job applicants – All in one place.

One of the main complains Recruiters had, was constant shifting between Search and Jobs. With the New Recruiter and Jobs, you’ll be able to manage search leads and job applicants for every opening, within a single project, simultaneously running a search and post a job. Both new candidate’s search, and monitoring job applicants will be done in the same Talent Pool view. New features will allow you to save the preferred candidates to your Pipeline, and easily move them through the stages of the hiring process. This will save time and effort.

New LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs proactive recommendations.

Recommended matches are important as they are suggesting only suitable candidates. These suggestions will become even more relevant over time. They are based on which candidates the Recruiter decides to save and which to hide.

The point is to interact with candidates as much as possible. In this way, the tool will be able to learn and to surface the best candidates for your role.  Recommended Matched will grow even more by the end of the year. It will be differentiating the candidates to whom you send InMails-from once saved from searches.

No response is not an option!

Leaving applicants with no final feedback always gives a bad image. Poor candidate experiences can cost companies millions. A new feature in the Jobs section will allow you to send rejection messages to applicants individually or in bulk with just a few clicks away. Likewise, this will allow applicants to know if they are moving forward in the hiring process. The messages can easily be customized with a more personal touch. You’ll be able to select a “rejection reason” that’s not visible to candidates, but LinkedIn will learn from it. Getting to know why you are rejecting those exact candidates, will directly improve promoting your job to more relevant candidates in the future.

Applicants may not always be happy with that final mail, but they will appreciate knowing the decision. This will at least make them remember you as someone who provided a good candidate experience. And they might even reach out again, in their future search.

Posting remote jobs.

Working remotely has its perks. After LinkedIn conducted a survey, more than 70% of professionals agreed that flexible working hours are affecting many aspects of work productivity. New Recruiter and Jobs will allow you posting jobs with featured options to work remotely. You just need to click on the Location field, select “This job is remote,” and enter the work location. This will open the applicant pool to more suitable candidates by reducing geographic data.

Screening Questions Feature – Easily create the best talent pool!

The New Recruiter and Jobs also allow you to add screening questions to the jobs you post on LinkedIn. This will help to narrow down the talent pool to the best-qualified candidates only. You can add screening questions on topics like years of experience in a specific function, education level, language proficiency, licenses and certifications, and even willingness to commute. With this new feature, sorting the applicants will become much easier and faster. You can sort them based exactly on how well they meet your baseline requirements.

According to LinkedIn, a whole lot of nemailto:info(at)sourcing-wizards.comw features are coming. This should make the Recruiters work more effective and we are truly eager to see and use all these improvements!

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