Elon Musk and his team revealed all about Neuralink’s brain “threads” they are developing. These microchips are able to read neuron impulses and record them. Threads will then learn from its data, and produce a specific impulse to stimulate certain neurons and brain sections.

Developing an implantable brain-computer interface (BCI).

Since 2016, they are developing a brain-computer interface (BCIs). It is a small module, placed outside the head-above the ear. Chip is wireless and receives information from embed threads. Scientists aim to develop the safest and most advanced neuro chips. It will help us understand and treat serious brain diseases. Also, preserve the human brain from any possible damages. A spike is a different name for a brain nerve impulse. Threads are recording them, in order to stimulate different brain areas. After successfully implementing them in the brain, scientists will be able to read and write different brain impulses and to solve many unmet medical needs.

What are Neuralink’s brain “threads” and how they function?

Not bigger than a neuron, even thinner than human hair threads are difficult to be seen with the naked eye. Only a special Robot can perform the implementation. It is rapidly and precisely implementing thousands of threads into the brain, without causing tissue trauma. Brain surface is moving along with our breathing and heartbeats. Likewise, the robotic inserter is tracking, detecting and adjusting to these movements. The whole process is extremely complicated and it’s impossible for humans to do it.

When you link an electrode to a specific neuron, it will measure its spikes. Threads are wireless and should last for decades. They will be usable at home with practical bandwidth. They are collecting the maximum amount of information (bits per second), transmitted within a single channel. Each simulator comes with an analog-to-digital pixel converter. Also with on-chip spike detection and a possibility to stimulate neurons on every channel.

Well-aligned collaboration between humans and robots is the ultimate idea!

Max Hodac, the president of Neuralink claims that they are ready for brain surgery. Moreover, the entire team is hoping to get their first patients soon. You’ll be able to control the threads through an iPhone app! So no real need to visit the neurosurgeons frequently. If Neuralink gets the FDA approval (The Food and Drug Administration Federal Agency) by 2020 they will perform the first-in-human clinical study.

Neurosurgeon, Dr. Matt McDougal says that safety comes first. All their products and treatments are developed specifically to help people, fighting severe neurological diseases. Brain processes will be tracked, measured and threads will give us the best possible solutions. With such technology, even the patient experience will reach a completely new level. The symbiosis between the human brain and brain-machine interface is holding its future together…

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