It’s actually very important. The studies show that we have only 17 seconds to live a great first impression on a person we’re meeting for the very first time. Even though that seems like having no time at all, there are quite a few things you should pay attention to. So, what can you do to achieve a positive first impression?

Be on time!

Clock showing the right time

No one likes to wait, especially when scheduling an interview or a business meeting. We all have daily duties to complete, and someone has freed their time to meet you. So, punctuality is one of the crucial points. It’s showing that you are respecting another person’s time and it will affect the first mark. Arriving much earlier is also completely wrong. Just be on time, it’s simple as that.

Don’t judge over the appearance but look neat and tidy!

A smart dressed and good looking good

You don’t have to be a mirror image of Hollywood A lister-far from that, but make sure to be spick and span. Having a pleasant appearance to other people is less about how you look and more about how you interact with them. You should always be mindful of your body’s posture. The great first impression is also about keeping an eye contact. Looking down or averting your gaze, while others talk to us is very unpleasant. It’s usually demonstrating insecurity or that somebody wants to cover up something.

Stay engaged in the conversation and ask questions!

Listening of course always comes before speaking. Remain interested in any conversation whether professional or personal, so the other person feels valued. When you start a conversation, stay calm and kind. Sometimes we tend to lose concentration due to fatigue, stress and other factors. Therefore, if you realize that this is taking the place, try to find an observation or insight and get the conversation going. Making things clear is also affecting the first impression. It’s always better to clarify, rather than stay confused or unsure. So, seeking confirmation or kindly asking someone to make things clearer is nothing bad really. It’s always better to make a question if we didn’t manage to understand, rather than leaving unconfident and unclear.

Ensure to leave your contact details.

Using smartphone and typing

After leaving that great first impression, make sure you will remain available for any further interaction. In the era of social media flourishing, it’s exceptionally easy to be found and reached. In any case, leaving your contact details will make you look more professional and respectful towards others.