VR set used in real time

Virtual Reality in a real-life employee training?

by Sandra Novak • June 11, 2019

Virtual Reality hasn’t improved just the gaming industry as expected, but It is now being powerfully used across the globe to improve training processes. It measures the quality, performances, and reliability of people, as well as services and products. VR is taking its turn to become the major employee training tool… The world’s leading corporations […]

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Who Cares About Organizational Culture?

by Tijana Djurdjevic • February 4, 2019

Depending on where you’re standing, your answer to the question of how important is organizational culture will be different. If you’re in a rush to find a job and need money, salary is probably going to be in the pique of your interest – at first. If, on the other hand, I ask you the […]

IT Professionals In Serbia – Where Are You Hiding?

by Tijana Djurdjevic • January 25, 2019

IT industry is growing quickly in importance which means it’s more and more in demand. Consequently, this means there should be no problem finding professionals, right? But what’s it really like in Serbia? If you read any newspaper article regarding this topic, you’ll see that the reason for the lack of IT professionals is the […]

Did Recruiters And Candidates Become Enemies?

by Tijana Djurdjevic • January 17, 2019

Recently I came across a photo on Linkedin tagged with “incompetent recruiters”. Many discussions spurred from there – all of which regarding the relationship between candidates and recruiters. All I have to say is since when, for the love of God, have recruiters and candidates become enemies? Because apparently, they have. This was very inspirational […]

2019. Welcomes Financial Recession

by Tijana Djurdjevic • January 8, 2019

Since the financial crash and recession in 2008, there have been speculations and predictions when the next one will hit and worries whether the lessons needed to prepare have been learned. Yes, forecasters may be anxious to be surprised as they were with the previous one, but regardless, there are some ominous signs about the […]

Top 10 Recruitment Trends of 2018

by Tijana Djurdjevic • December 19, 2018

Keeping up with the recruitment trends and always being innovative is the only way you can truly pick the fruits of success in this business – which is why we decided to write about this year’s hot trends. What would be the one thing you’d want to avoid in a business? Think about it. We […]

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Sourcing

by Marko Bundalo • July 1, 2018

Artificial Intelligence. Can you find someone who didn’t hear about it? Nowadays, everybody is speaking about it, using it or even developing it. Many people think that AI is taking over the world. Others think that it won’t be possible in the foreseeable future. Maybe only our grandsons or even their grandsons will live in […]

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And this is how the story goes…

by Marko Bundalo • May 12, 2018

Not so long ago, I woke up on a seemingly simple day and realized – talent sourcing industry is the place where I belong. Having a long freelance career and working for Nederlia for more than 5 years in the fields of sourcing/recruiting, I knew each and every strong and weak side of the industry. […]