Growing industries

Growing industries for the next decade

by Sandra Novak • September 10, 2019

Launching a new business is always demanding. You need a good idea and courage to perceive it. Before becoming an entrepreneur, identifying growing industries is a clever first step. So, which industries are expected to flourish and boom the most? Technology has outperformed other industries. According to different sources, Technology comes out on top, of […]

Collecting social media analytics

Social Media Analytics and its importance

by Sandra Novak • September 2, 2019

Social media analytics (SMA) refers to collecting data from social media platforms and blogs. Evaluating collected data will lead to better business decisions. This process is not the usual monitoring of “likes”, retweets, etc. The social media analytics is a complex analysis of social consumer behavior. It presents the foundation for executing and measuring engagement. […]

Important conferences in the country and region

by Sandra Novak • August 14, 2019

Serbia and a region are not falling behind when it comes to important conferences, gathering the industry heavyweights from the IT and HR as two sectors became inseparable. Depending on your preferences, it’s not easy to make the right choice and decide which one to attend. Among many, here are just a few prominent conferences […]

Toughest interviews in the world

by Sandra Novak • July 29, 2019

Going through interviews and the entire hiring process can be exciting, but at times rather stressful. It can last for weeks, sometimes even months. Most of us have been through this. From odd unexpected questions to hard psychological tests, it’s all there on HR’s menu… Some of the companies have strict and complex interviewing processes […]

Top Recruiting Trends for 2019

by Sandra Novak • July 23, 2019

It’s important to take a global look at the industry every year, and underline some of the top Recruiting Trends. Recruitment process is getting more demanding over the years. Yet it grew to became so creative! It’s hard to specify most essential trends, but to sum it up these are the Top Recruiting Trends for […]

Neuralink’s Brain Threads reaching a New Frontier

by Sandra Novak • July 19, 2019

Elon Musk and his team revealed all about Neuralink’s brain “threads” they are developing. These microchips are able to read neuron impulses and record them. Threads will then learn from its data, and produce a specific impulse to stimulate certain neurons and brain sections. Developing an implantable brain-computer interface (BCI). Since 2016, they are developing […]

New LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs platform

by Sandra Novak • July 17, 2019

Just recently LinkedIn made the announcement of launching its new platform. Their two most efficient talent products, Jobs and Recruiter are finally moving together in a single place. As per the LinkedIn officials, the new LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs platform will have more than 15 new features. Recruiter’s search is becoming way more effective. The […]

Robot and astronaut standing together

Artificial Intelligence incredible facts

by Sandra Novak • July 8, 2019

We previously wrote about AI in talent sourcing. Time flies and so does the Artificial Intelligence development. Robots are already our present, and shaping our future. Therefore we will stick to its positive facts. Google the term AI and you’ll see thousands of facts. They are backing up its influence on various industries. Tremendous Global […]

Great first impression at the meeting

Great first impression – Is that really important?

by Sandra Novak • July 4, 2019

It’s actually very important. The studies show that we have only 17 seconds to live a great first impression on a person we’re meeting for the very first time. Even though that seems like having no time at all, there are quite a few things you should pay attention to. So, what can you do […]

Networking and recruiting through LinkedIn

Recruiting and networking for small business

by Sandra Novak • June 20, 2019

With the global economy booming small businesses are facing more troubles in recruiting and networking. It’s difficult to compete with corporations. Their competitive packages and a variety of benefits and other advantages being offered. If you are a small business owner, you’ve surely been looking to find new ways of attracting talented professionals. Here’s a […]