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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Sourcing

by Marko Bundalo • July 1, 2018

Artificial Intelligence. Can you find someone who didn’t hear about it? Nowadays, everybody is speaking about it, using it or even developing it. Many people think that AI is taking over the world. Others think that it won’t be possible in the foreseeable future. Maybe only our grandsons or even their grandsons will live in […]

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And this is how the story goes…

by Marko Bundalo • May 12, 2018

Not so long ago, I woke up on a seemingly simple day and realized – talent sourcing industry is the place where I belong. Having a long freelance career and working for Nederlia for more than 5 years in the fields of sourcing/recruiting, I knew each and every strong and weak side of the industry. […]